Mental Health Resources

The home for little wanderers

The Home for Little Wanderers is accepting referrals for students in need of services. Complete the form HERE

With all the Coronavirus talks and school closings, we know this time can be a tense time for many families. With these facts in mind, we wanted to inform all families of some resources that are available here to provide a range of supports to the community.


There is only one amount you can give before you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. "That is why it is a necessity, not a luxury, to take time to take care of yourself so that you can recharge and feel empowered to continue supporting and caring for your child (Kids Health)."

Tips : Take breaks (nap, read, whatever allows you to relax); Eat well (try to eat foods that don't make you feel tired and exhausted); Ask for help (ask for help from friends and family, or contact an agency mentioned in this document), and acknowledge your feelings (it's okay if you're overwhelmed by life's stressors, talk to a friend or family member about your feelings) .


Boston Emergency Services Team (BEST) - Provides a comprehensive and highly integrated crisis assessment system and treatment services in the greater Boston area to children, adolescents and adults. 800-981-4357 | Offices: 85 E Newton Street, Boston, MA 02118 & 140B South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA


As we set up our systems to support online learning at home for our students, we are also mindful that our students and adults need a sense of calmness and emotional stability in these rapidly changing times. Below is a beginning list of resources to support you in talking with your students about COVID-19 and the school closure.