Grade 6-8

Jon-Mychal Bowman

Mr. Bowman teaches middle school math and coaches track. He loves art, running, LEGOs and graphic novels. When not at school, Mr. Bowman enjoys family adventures with his wife and two children. 

RJ Schena

Mr. Schena has been teaching in Boston Public Schools for the last 12 years and this will be his 1st year at the Haley.  Mr. Schena has an undergraduate degree in History from UMASS-Amherst and a M. Ed. in Teaching and Curriculum from Fitchburg State University. Mr. Schena lives north of Boston with his wife and 3 children.  Mr. Schena enjoys traveling with his family and he is an avid Boston sports fan. 

Amy Higginbotham

"The more you read, the more succeed" is what I try to focus on and emphasize to my students each year teaching. I've been teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies for many years in Boston Public Schools and I still enjoy it.  Building relationships with students is essential for learning and I continue to find new ways to connect to all students in and out of the classroom. 

Kristin Seekircher

Kristin Seekircher has been teaching in BPS a number of years and has been at the Haley for the last six years. Before she taught here, her own kids attended the Haley! 

Priscelle Dalexis

Priscille’s personal school experience was filled with caring adults, it’s only right to give back.  She has been in the field of education  serving students in schools from Boston and New York and is grateful to be apart of the Haley community supporting amazing staff and children. 

Priscille enjoys traveling, reading, quality time with friends/family and staying active. 

Angelique Husbands

Pamela Clegg

I’m Pamela Clegg and looking forward to learning with you this year. This year I will be teaching 7/8 Social Studies. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and cheering on my kids at all of their sporting events. I’m also looking forward to a year of in person learning!

Paul Connor

Originally from England, Mr. Connor worked in the field of environmental health for 12 years and his love for inspiring change led him to became an educator when his family relocated to the USA. In his spare time he loves to follow his soccer team and to coach for his town.

Sue Young

I am happy to be at the HALEY teaching Middle School Math!  Looking forward to another great year learning together.